▪ Nightscapes

Lighting creates night-time drama

We’re not talking your basic 4 light

“Big Box Store” packages.

We have years of experience to guide you in the most efficient way to transform you house into usable space for late night hours.

Our systems are low maintenance, serviceable, and very cost effective to run. We can even show you how much it will cost to run it.

Want the full control of your system when your want it? We can even make it wireless so you can turn on the front lights in the winter and the backyard when necessary to conserve energy.

We’ll demonstrate an actual visual explanation of the different lighting techniques, correct amount of lights to use, proper placement of the lights, and the overall view of your house prior to us actually installing an actual system..

If your are comfortable with our plan, we’ll leave our demonstration kit up on your property for one week for you to see the effects over several days.

We invite you to “Try before you buy”.

CAST is our preferred product, see them at cast-lighting.com

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